Where did June go?

Gosh where do I even start??

Summer is flying by, hence the little to no posting this month. I’ve been busy with re-learning how to swim, fitness classes (holy sore abs!!), and occasional running. I decided that since I spent $70 on a summer pool pass and $20 on a summer fitness class pass I would focus on those and put running on the back burner — and boy it has been put all the way back there. I think I’ve ran like 10 miles or something ridiculous like that in the month of June. And most of them have been run with my partner in crime:


Swimming is so hard. I love it. Fitness classes are so hard. I love them. I’m actually considering joining a gym after the summer is over…I’m having so much fun! Like, as much fun as I had when I used to love running. I’m sure I’ll get back to that point.. I just need to find my way.

And I better find my way by August, since my next half is in beginning of November!

The Run Zulu 5K is finally over, yay! I think it went well. We didn’t end up having our credit card reader, so we could only accept cash and checks, but we still managed to have close to 70 same day registrations! Everything about the race seemed to go smoothly. I even won a 5K race entry in October w/ the raffle we had!!

I’m not involved in the financial side of things, but I really do hope we made some money for ChristianRunners. It’s a good organization.

We finally found a house to rent! It’s a nice little 3 bed 1 bath close to Adam’s school. It has a fenced in back yard for the monster, a guest bedroom (which we will hopefully be able to afford a bed for soon! Ah the life of a one income family!), future nursery (will serve as Adam’s “office” until then), a sunny spot for my work space, and the best part is we could potentially stay there for a few years if the hubby does residency at Emory! I’m really excited! It’ll be nice to leave apartment living, probably (hopefully) forever!



Does anyone else have a coonhound mix, or hound mix in general? Does anyone have problems with their dog “hunting” smaller dogs? Calvin is almost 2, and I’m not sure if this just his “adult personality” coming out or what, but he recently started baying and barking at small dogs. Not like “I’m the boss of you” barking…but like “I want to kill you” barking. And he bays exactly like the coonhound videos I find online when they are hunting raccoons! It’s ONLY small, fluffy dogs. He’s BFF’s with a mini pincher in our complex.

There’s a 30-ish lb hound mix he loves. He loves a 40-ish lb pittbull mix also. BUT there’s a mini labradoodle he absolutely hates, a mini schnauzer type dog, and a mini poodle he’s just not into. What the heck do I do? How do I fix this?!


And…weight loss is still stagnant. My eating has just been off. We’ve been having “cheat” dinners once or twice a week and it’s ruining any chance at weight loss, we’re just being “good enough” to not gain. I just seem to be lacking the motivation to lose these last 45 lbs! I just need to get my act together. My diet really stinks lately!

I’ll leave you with a photo that summed up my puppy-sitting the last two days:


Happy Wednesday!


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