Getting My Exercise Groove Back

It’s kind of amazing how when I’m NOT sitting on my exercise ball, my back gets sore. I remember when I first started using this little gem, my back got sore when I was on it for too long!


image from google

Last night I had my butt kicked while taking Pilates and a Lean Legs & Core Crusher class. I have to admit, Pilates was just not very fun. It was definitely hard, and I couldn’t do a lot of the moves, but I just am not entertained by the slower classes like this and yoga. I’m going to keep going, because I know I need to become more flexible and it’s pretty obvious my core and arms are weak…but I need to find a way to stop myself from looking at the clock every 5 minutes. It’s torture!

I feel like I’m finally getting my exercise groove back, it’s so wonderful. I feel motivated to go work out (yay group fitness!), have my runs planned for Friday-Tuesday, and have swims thrown in there throughout the week. I really think I can do this. All I need to do is get my stomach brain on board, to stop craving junk food! Goal weight here I come!

P.S. – I love almond butter.


image from google
why yes, yes I am too lazy to take a photo of my own almond butter.

P.P.S- Why yes, yes I am too lazy to take a photo of my own jar of almond butter…


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