Group Fitness Motivation!

Oh…my…gosh. Group Fitness is so fun. And hard. And tiring. And entertaining. And motivating. And I am so awful at it.

This morning I used my 2 mi run as a way to stretch out my sore thighs & butt. Now THAT is awesome.

Mon – Upper Body Blast & Core Crusher

Wed – Pilates // Leg Crusher & Core Crusher

Thurs – HIIT & Absolution // Stretch & Strength

My thighs are so sore. My butt is even more sore. My abs were hurting in places I didn’t even know abs existed from Monday night til Thursday morning. Every single time I get up to walk around I’m in pain. And it’s wonderful. Simply wonderful!

I’m realizing just how out of shape I am. I mean, ask me to run 5 miles and I’m fine. But mountain climbers and burpies and jumping jacks? Kill me now. I am positive that I am the weakest person in the class. My plank lasts for about 20 seconds. I do modified everything. I have to skip certain exercises. I’m in pain during and after class. But this is exactly why I have to keep going back.

ImageIf I ever want to become a better runner, I need to improve all areas of my fitness .. not just losing all my extra weight. I want to be stronger. And faster. And I want to do it now!

Happy Friday Everyone!


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