Lazy Running Week

In the last 7 days I’ve only run 3.5 miles. It’s not only what I call a lazy running week, but probably the laziest I’ve had in a while. It’s been raining every single day. When it’s not raining, I’ve either been working, at my group fitness classes, or just too tired or mopey to go out. It’s an understatement to say that I hate the rain & it affects my mood negatively.

Group Fitness Update

  • Pilates is getting more and more easy with each class.
  • The Cardio classes (Cardio Boot Camp and H.I.I.T.) are still kicking my butt, but I love them. I leave feeling exhausted and like I worked really, really hard! I’m still having trouble with some of the moves, like bur-pees and bear crawl and plank walks…ugh hate them!
  • Strength & Tone and Stretch & Tone are still slow and the instructor is super weird (just breathe and let the energy flow in and out of you while you do this stretch…), but I do feel like I stretched my entire body and worked my abs when I leave the class, so that’s all I can really expect, right?
  • Legs & Abs and Arms & Abs are probably my favorite. A perfect mix of cardio, weight lifting, and ab work. It also helps this is my favorite instructor. She’s so friendly pushes you just the right amount!

Calvin has been getting less and less exercise, and not just because of the rain. He’s recently started to growl at random people (men), and we’re not sure why. It’s mostly when they get down his face to pet him, or reach their hands out (the most recent experience). It’s driving me crazy, and also scaring me to death. I don’t want a dog that bites!!*


*Note: he hasn’t bitten anyone yet, but has growled at 4 men. yikes!

We think that it might be the hound in him that’s making him such a sketchy dog. He’s just got such a weird personality and is such a loner (except at night, when he’s a cuddlebug!) I don’t know what to do with this one, and we certainly do not have the money for a individual training session. I’m just going to keep working on “place”, “heel”, and “sit” around people, and pray that it solves most of our problems!

Weight loss is still stagnant. The hubs and I have started weekly weigh-ins and waist measurements that we share with each other in a google document (embarrassing!). So far that has not stopped us from eating bad on July 4th, baking some banana bread, and me coming home with fig newtons (weird craving!) yesterday afternoon. We’ll see how next week goes. So far, I’ve been a bad clean eater this week. If I was getting graded I’d probably give myself a C or C- ….  =(

Alright, I’m off to shower and run some errands! Happy Saturday Everyone!



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