A Return to the Beginning of My Blogging Life

Just a little over one year later, I’m planning my return to a low carb diet.


There’s a few reasons.

  1. I’m addicted to sugar. again. CHOCOLATE YOU ARE THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE….and my best friend.
  2. I’m having a hard time losing the rest of my weight.
  3. I can’t control myself by just “counting calories”.
  4. I’m unhappy when I overeat. I’m also unhappy being overweight.
  5. I like structure in my diet. It keeps me sane. It keeps me accountable. It’s good for me.
  6. It’ll give me a reason/excuse/desire to blog again. Which I desperately need!

I’m sure there is a thousand and one more reasons why I need to do this, but those are at the top of the list. Starting August 1st until I lose the rest of my weight, maybe even longer, I’ll be back to low sugar, low carbs, long runs….and I’m okay with it!  😉

Carbs are for the birds!


Also, a complete side note: If anyone has a recommendation for a flea treatment for a back yard (other than a professional, which we just cannot afford after moving and having a car break down on us) I would really appreciate it! Before moving into our next house, I will make sure the yard is not full of fleas…


Me? Have fleas? No way! I’m too handsome for those things

See y’all on August 1st, when my attitude may be a bit more negative toward my choice of diet!


One thought on “A Return to the Beginning of My Blogging Life

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