Falling in Love…with Running

The last few weeks I have been taking a running hiatus. Not because I should, but because I just could not find the motivation/desire/happiness to get out there and run. And with no motivation/desire, running loses all of it’s appeal. It loses it’s ability to make me “happy”. 

I’m sure this will be disastrous on my half marathon time in November, but I will take that consequence time and time again if it brings back my love of running. My Joy. I’ve sort of been gearing up toward this point, but today I woke up and thought “I really want to get out there and run a few miles!” It’s a wonderful feeling, and I’m so happy it’s back.


Bring on the miles!

Half Marathon in: 66 days


Knockin’ the Sweet Tooth One Day at a Time

Even with an accidental blogging hiatus, the low carb diet continues. 

And it’s going pretty good!

My sweet tooth is already disintegrating, and turning into a carb tooth.

Bread. Biscuits. Pizza. Cheeseburgers. Pasta. 

Yep, one step closer to carb freedom. A few more days and I should stop these nasty cravings!

I’m not going too low carb or anything. I’ve been trying to just stay below 100g. I finished Friday with 84g, Saturday was 112g (darn Vanilla Iced Coffee from Starbucks – my weakness!), Sunday was 112g (too much fruit), and today finished at 92g. I have lost 5.6 lbs since August 1st, most of that was water weight/bloating from my super-carb day on 7/31. 

I started Saturday with a 4 mile run. The first mile I had a companion:


Maybe if I follow her around she’ll bring me with…

…and the last 3 miles were solo. I love my new neighborhood, so many hills!

Sunday I ran 2 miles, one w/ Calvin and 1 sweaty, fast mile alone. It felt good!

Tonight was a group fitness class, Arms & Core Crusher, and tomorrow is a 3 mile run, 2 mile walk with a friend, and possibly a fitness class. I’m just piling things on! The more exercise the better!

A friend on Facebook posted a photo of some dark chocolate nut clusters she made today, so I’ll definitely be posting a (super easy) recipe/photos later this week! Think dark chocolate, coconut oil, cashews, peanuts, almonds, and unsweetened shredded coconut? Yum!

…and tomorrow night is a new pork rib recipe. I’ll definitely post that tomorrow night.

Half marathon training official begins on Saturday, things are going to get pretty routine around here!

Today is the (re)Start of Something Beautiful

Firstly, Happy Anniversary to my awesome husband! The last 4 years have been amazing and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. You push me to be a better person: spiritually, mentally, physically — and I’m so, so, SO thankful for you and all you do!

Today is not only my 4-year-wedding-anniversary, but also the re-start of my low carb life! If you haven’t been following me from the start (which not many of you have been), my husband and I started eating a low carb diet last summer, a little after July 4th, and continued until maybe September or October? I could go back in the blog but it’s just too much to sort through!

We took a break from low carb (and just tried to limit our carbs – w/ not much success) since then, after reading a study that basically said eating low carb wasn’t necessarily the best for your future health (higher risk of heart disease and other things that scared me). BUT…after weighing the options (and spending the last 10 months only losing 15 or so lbs), I’ve decided being overweight is worse for me in the long run than those future health risks. So back to low carb I go!

Thus brings us to today: the (re)Start of Something Beautiful.

Welcome back to my journey! I may be 50+ lbs lighter, but I’ve also still got 40+ lbs to lose.  Any recipes or quick take out/restaurant low carb (or paleo) suggestions would be very helpful, as well as any tips! I’m basically considering myself a newbie since it’s been so long since I’ve been strictly low carb.

My next half marathon in 11/9/13 – so training starts next weekend. I am 100% returning to my original blogging purpose!

Low Sugar, Low Carbs, Long Runs (attempt #2)

Here goes nothing!



Life in the form of Bullet Points

I’ve been pretty bad at posting the last few months, but lets do a recap:

  • I LOVE my exercise ball that I use as my desk chair. I sit all day for work as a secretary, and it has been an amazing addition to my day. When I use my old desk chair, I slouch and my back actually hurts after a few minutes. I feel like my posture is 100% better than it used to be!
  • I LOVE group fitness classes. Tonight is my first Tuesday night off of work in a month, so I’m going to try out Cardio Boot Camp and Strength & Tone, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Bring it on sore abs!
  • The hubby and I have started to eat clean again, as of yesterday, and cut calories to lose our last bit of weight (for me, that’s 40-ish lbs!!) and I’m starving.  One of the worst parts of dieting is waking up hungry, since I like to drink coffee and water and eat breakfast later in the morning.
  • I’m still not in love with running, but I’m not avoiding it as much. I think after my group fitness classes are over I’ll be able to jump back on the running train no problem! (which is good, since my next half marathon is in November)
  • It has been raining every afternoon for about a week in Atlanta, so swimming has taken a back seat!
  • I miss my best friend. She lives in Denver, so we only see each other twice a year at best. This one of those best years, where we will see each other twice! Yay! Come on September!!

Been my cousin since 1986, been my best friend since 2005 ❤ Only took us 20-ish years to realize we are the perfect pair!

  • I need to work on making food less of a priority in my life. I think about it all the time (when I’m not thinking about exercise or babies or moving), and it’s got to stop. It’s driving me crazy (and making me hungry).
  • Calvin’s boxer BFF had his big boy surgery on Thursday, and now he’s trotting around with a cone on his head. Calvin has decided he hates that cone and whatever is inside it, so he’s barking and growling at poor little Gunner every time he sees him. Cal is such a doofus. I can’t wait til Gunner is free from the cone and he can play with Cal again!


  • We move in less than a month!! Yay!
  • I’ve been blogging for almost an entire year. Oh My Gosh! Where did the time go? Why am I not done with my weight loss yet?! 

Hope y’all are doing well and enjoying the summer!

For the love of Food

I have a food problem.

It’s not really a secret, per se, but it’s something I’m kind of ashamed of.


from google

I’m addicted to sugar. But I’m also pretty sure positive it makes me moody, emotionally unwell, gives me headaches, and is keeping me overweight.

I think about food all the time. Specifically candy. More specifically, chocolate. For a while I felt like I was overcoming this issue. After eating paleo-ish for 3 months (about a year ago), I felt like I was almost rid of my obsession! Sadly, I feel as though it’s recently come back full force half force (I’ll give myself some credit here. It’s not as bad as it was before we ate paleo for a little while. It’s just getting there. Sugar and I have become friends again, just not BFF’s like before).

Which is why I’m implementing a NO-CHOCOLATE 30 DAYS. Followed by an ONLY DARK CHOCOLATE 30 DAYS.

Let me backtrack. I’ve been exercising a lot. Well, maybe not a lot to everyone, but a lot for me. I’ve been going to group fitness classes for a week now (holy cow my core is so weak!), running 3-5 days a week for about 3 weeks, and swimming at least once a week since the end of May. That is a lot for me! ME! The girl who hates to cross train. ME! The girl who only runs. And runs slow. And you know how much weight I’ve lost this month?


See the problem?

My eating habits suck. 

I’ll do great for the entire day. 

And then at night, I’ll binge. 

I’ll shove chocolate chips in my mouth like a little kid with a bucket of Halloween candy in front of them.

I’ll eat a bowl of cereal just because I “feel” hungry (as long as it has sugar in it).

I’ll dig through the cupboards until I find an old, forgotten granola bar.

I’ll just eat, to eat. And eat because I love sugar. And eat because my self control is awful.

So starting on Saturday (my birthday is on Friday and I’d really like to have my favorite iced coffee mixed with chocolate milk drink), NO CHOCOLATE FOR 30 DAYS.

Is it wrong to wait? I’m battling with the idea of just starting now. Should I “treat” myself on my birthday just to have one more day of emotional attachment to chocolate?

Why is giving up chocolate so hard for me?

Why is moderation so hard for me?

I’ve got the exercise. I’ve got the healthy meals. Now I just need to fix my snacking!

Group Fitness Motivation!

Oh…my…gosh. Group Fitness is so fun. And hard. And tiring. And entertaining. And motivating. And I am so awful at it.

This morning I used my 2 mi run as a way to stretch out my sore thighs & butt. Now THAT is awesome.

Mon – Upper Body Blast & Core Crusher

Wed – Pilates // Leg Crusher & Core Crusher

Thurs – HIIT & Absolution // Stretch & Strength

My thighs are so sore. My butt is even more sore. My abs were hurting in places I didn’t even know abs existed from Monday night til Thursday morning. Every single time I get up to walk around I’m in pain. And it’s wonderful. Simply wonderful!

I’m realizing just how out of shape I am. I mean, ask me to run 5 miles and I’m fine. But mountain climbers and burpies and jumping jacks? Kill me now. I am positive that I am the weakest person in the class. My plank lasts for about 20 seconds. I do modified everything. I have to skip certain exercises. I’m in pain during and after class. But this is exactly why I have to keep going back.

ImageIf I ever want to become a better runner, I need to improve all areas of my fitness .. not just losing all my extra weight. I want to be stronger. And faster. And I want to do it now!

Happy Friday Everyone!